Some comments from our fans!

Here we will post some of the many comments we receive from fans of The Chicken Fountain!

Yssa M. 1/13

“The fountain has been doing wicked awesome in our lovely 1 degree weather! Ryan saw the bunny drinking from it the other day. I’ll share a picture if I can catch it.”

Michelle B. ~ 5/13

My wonderful experience with The Chicken Fountain 

“I just wanted to take a minute to write and thank you, first for the wonderful products of both the Chicken Fountain and the Brooder bottle caps; and secondly for your fantastic customer service. I really appreciate you replacing the watering arm that was damaged during shipping and you didn’t have to include the two extra bottle caps, but it was an awesome surprise and just put your customer service over the top. I am so happy with the products and have already shown the fountain and bottle caps in action to several of my backyard chicken raising friends who are also very interested in purchasing for their flocks. I told them how happy I was with everything from the order process to the ease in putting the fountain together. My chickens and I thank you! Michelle.”

Bernice B. ~ 5/13
“Hello, We installed our chicken fountain today that we bought from you. I have to admit we were skepticle that our chickens would not drink from it. BUT…our chickens were so curious they kept pecking my husband and also the bright red water nipples while he was installing it. It was easy to install. He turned the water on to it and within 5 minutes the chickens were all drinking from it. We couldn’t believe how fast our chickens learned to drink from it. I checked on them all afternoon and they have been happily drinking each time I checked. Needless to say. we love the fountain and love how the water is always clean for the chickens. Thanks Chicken Fountain! Old Fashioned Country Livin’ in Texas”
Lauren S. (Author) ~ 5/14
“My Chicks Love It!”
Just have to share a photo of little Phoebe enjoying your waterer. I’m sharing on Facebook and sending folks to your site! Lauren
L Burder – 8/14
I purchased a Chicken Fountain to raise meat chickens. Works great! Helped cut my bird mortality rate from approx 10% to under 3%! Trained them out of the crate with a Brooder Bottle Cap. Chicks were then placed under the fountain & immediately took to it. Hint: I screwed my fountain to a piece of plywood & mounted that to two vertical 2×4′s (which I had marked at 1″ increments). Raised plywood to next higher mark as birds grew, confirmed that fountain was level & retightened. You will not be sorry in buying a chicken fountain.
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