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  1. Jimmy Michaels says:

    Great site, great product! I will be ordering soon…

  2. Amy Clark says:

    WOW – anything to help with the watering of any animal makes life on the farm more managable! Thanks. I be ordering several in the spring of 2013.

  3. Walter Radziszewski says:

    Just heard you on the Chicken Whisperer show and will have to try your products. It’s a pain to change the water so many times a day!

  4. jed cooper says:

    Great product produced by a great family. I’ll be building my coop this winter. Save me a fountain for the spring

  5. Pam says:

    I just love my chicken fountain as do the girls. Thank you chicken fountain for the fast delivery. The instructions are easy to follow. Had it up & running in no time. Good luck on your venture. I’m sure you will do well. And I will pass the word around.

  6. carrol mccann says:

    I’m so interested!

  7. Rebecca says:

    I have seen a few advertisment for your product and think its a great idea. Sugesting to my old man and hope to order soon.

  8. Pam says:

    Our install was quick and easy (spent more time for the glue to dry than the actual install!). The girls LOVE it, and it has taken such a burden off our shoulders (having to haul water, keeping their waterer clean and fresh). Great product – we’re telling everyone about it! Our vet is so interested, he’s going to be getting two – one for his backyard chicks, and one for the chicks on their farm!

  9. Kathy, The Chicken Chick™ says:

    I now have three Chicken Fountains in my backyard, one for each of my coops and I can’t recommend them any higher. There is no question that this semi-sealed system is healthier for my chickens than the traditional waterers I had always used. It’s fresh, clean, cool and the delivery system saves me untolled hours every week in refilling and cleaning water containers.
    For my complete review of the product as well as assembly photos and a Q&A with the inventor of The Chicken Fountain, visit my blog here –>

    Thanks for a fabulous product, Frank!

  10. Renee Pedroza says:

    We just installed our Chicken Fountain a few days ago. The installation was a breeze. My hens figured it out quickly. This is going to make my life so much easier. I no longer have to worry about them drinking nasty poo water while I am at school or work all day! LOVE it and so do my hennies.

  11. Laurie Kerr says:

    Its looks like a great system to use in the tropics to maintain a continous water supply in summer, while eliminating potential breeding sites for mosquitoes as well as other sources of contamination, a factor inherent with water systems that have open surface water. Do you sell to overseas customers?

    • Right now we are only selling in the US and Canada. We have had many request from overseas but due to the high shipping charges we have been limited in our sales there. We continue to explore other shipping methods to make the sale of our product overseas more cost effective. You are correct open waterer can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes which transmit disease. The Chicken Fountain eliminates this risk by providing a system which seals out dirt and bugs but allows the user to access the system to inject water soluble additives….

      • Mark says:

        How do you keep them from freezing in cold winter weather? -15 F and below?

        • Hi Mark!

          Quite frankly we have not tested the new heaters at -15F below our testing system does not freeze to those temperatures. We are currently testing in the -5F range and the results have been good. At a temperature below -3F I would use the new heater system (which should be out by the end of the month) AND heat tape in the range of 120 watts. Additionally I would completely cover the unit with Thermo King Foam and Foil tape or Polystyrene insulation to retain the heat inside the unit. I am also concerned at -15F the drippers would freeze although we have a new design to move heat to them I’m not sure at -15F they would keep from freezing even with the new design on the drippers.

  12. Adam Seale says:

    I purchased the “standard” chicken fountain and it installed extremely easily. Everything you need comes in the box, even including the PVC glue to fit the piping together. The instructions are all pretty straight forward and I had it put together within 15 minutes (ignoring glue drying time).

    I have a small modification due to the size of the our run. It’s only 3ft high and includes a covered area for shade so I’ve added another 18″ pipe extension to the top which pops through the roof so I can manually fill from the outside.

    We had 3 out of 6 of our girls drinking from it within 10 minutes and the rest within half an hour.

    I would highly recommend this as a way to keep fresh water flowing in the coop!!

  13. Melinda Thompson says:

    I am new to the backyard chicken “world” . I will be starting my flock soon. I have been reading anything and everything to get prepared! I have read many articles about folks having trouble with their water getting nasty. Looks like this is a great solution! Id love to have one!

  14. lisa olsen says:

    Hi Frank, the chicken chick said to say hi. I would love one of these chicken waters for my flock. Hauling water is killing my bad back. They sure would be a big help.

  15. Michele Jones says:

    We set up our new Chicken Fountain and our three year old chickens ignored it until I smeared peanut butter on a few of the nipples with some dried mealy worms stuck to them and WOW they figured it out right away. Great product. Working very well.
    Thanks from the ladies at Larryland

  16. Erin says:

    Ordered 5 of the brooder bottle caps and sure are loving them! My chicks just started hatching yesterday and figured out the brooder bottle caps instantly!

  17. Tanya says:

    We are loving the Brooder bottle caps! I just ordered a few more because we came home with a few more chicks this year than we had initially planned. Can’t wait to get the Mega Fountain. It is going to make summer so much less stressful around here. Thanks!!!

  18. David Terrell says:

    Found this site from backyard chickens. Will be ordering this summer, going to be handling some 100+ chickens.

  19. Kevin McGrath - Our Little Coop says:

    Here is just my unboxing:

    I have not even hooked ours up yet (as of 4/2/13) and I am already in love with it. Very well built. A+ The Bottle Brooder Caps are going to work wonders for my quail cages and habitats! Highly recommend to a friend. Cheers.

  20. Tammy Barrett says:

    I am new at raising chickens so I could use all the help I can get, I do plan on ordering some things. thank you so much.

  21. Judy linkus says:

    I received my caps last week and I can see most of my chickens are using the brooder bottle caps! It’s working out great! No more dumping out their water! Great product. Thanks

  22. Christina Anderson says:

    I just received my brooder bottle caps today. I am so excited. Thank you for such a great product! Looking forward to ordering a chicken fountain soon! :)

  23. Vickie Woody says:

    The brooder bottle caps are wonderful! I am a new chick beginner and started out with a regular water dispenser until my bottle caps arrived, YUK, I was constantly having to empty and clean it. As soon as the bootle caps arrived I put them to use ( just don’t forget to make the small air hole in the top like I did) the chicks took to them immediately. I have also purchased the Mega Fountain to install as soon as the new coop and run is complete.

    Can’t say enough about how wonder these are.

  24. Natasha says:

    I just received mine. The shipping was fast, the assembly was simple, the product is well made and the chickens learned to use it within one day. Highly recommend!

  25. Kacie Dean ~ Hearts Haven Heritage Farm says:

    I order a set of the brooder bottle caps for our newest homestead members and absolutely love them, it makes keeping their water clean so much easier. The chicks took right to them with me only having to show the first one where the water was at. They are now two weeks old and still doing great with these. I have linked back to your site on our homestead site’s chicken page and told everyone on there how much we enjoy using your brooder bottle caps.

    Check out our site at

  26. Debbie Bradfored says:

    Wish you would put instructions on how to mount the Brooder Bottle (2liter) on the cage. Does it have to hang straight up & down or can it tilt? What do I use to attach it with?

    • The Brooder Bottle Cap™ can be slightly tilted when installing. Mounting is easy! People have come up with very creative ways to hang it on their brooder from simple coat hanger to hand made macramé holders. We have even had customers who custom made holders and painted them in folk art! One of the easiest is to utilize a calf bottle holder for a 2 liter soda bottle or a bicycle water bottle holder for the smaller bottles. But simply a wire wrapped around the bottle and formed into a hook does just fine.

  27. jacqueline says:

    Ok….I have haerd gret things about your product so I am ordering one tonight!! It just better be as easy to put together as everyone says
    because I am not very handy!!! Wish me luck

  28. Sharron Johnson says:

    Just placed my order for 2 sets of the bottle cap kind. I’m really thankful to the Chicken Chick for recommending your FB page, this is our first year raising hens and any and all information is greedily consumed! I love how in touch you are with your FB fans, you feel like a friend that I could plop down across the table from for a quick cup of coffee! I think it’s great that you involve your kids in helping. Anyway, hope you and your family prosper! When I get my bottle caps, I’m going to take them to Wilco, our local farm store. When I was in looking at all their chicks and what a mess they made of the water, and how time consuming it must be for the employees to keep them watered, I could only think of you. They will only have chicks till the end of this month, but they will have them again in the fall. I can only imagine you will get an order from them.
    Take care, and thanks!

    • D says:

      Hello, how are the nipples glued in? and are they reliable from leaking?

      • Yes we go through an entire process to securely fasten the drippers to the unit and obtain a leak free bond. The good part is that although the base of the dripper stays affixed to the unit the drippers upper half can come apart for easy cleaning should it need it…

  29. Jeanwood says:

    This has made my life so much easier. I love the chicken fountain .

  30. Carol Farber says:

    Thank you for the great giveaway on Fresh Eggs Daily on facebook.

  31. Tracy Harden says:

    My three week old chicks learned to use the Brooder Bottle Cap in less than one minute! It’s wonderful to keep the bedding dry and their water clean!

  32. Am getting ready to purchase a waterer now, I think yours looks like the best, need to make it easier

  33. Linda Roberts says:

    This is terrific product! The water is always available and clean. It is very easy to add apple cider vinegar or supplements.

    I have used the chicken fountain through our cold winter. To avoid freeze, we wrapped the frost free hydrant, buried the hose, and wrapped the fountain with foam and a heat tape. It worked in freezing temperatures really well. One problem: we discovered that the hens love pecking the foam where it is exposed around the nipples. :( We will fix that this year. I did also discover that if it is not installed properly in height, the hens don’t get enough water. When offering water in a bowl, they will run to it even while having the fountain handy at all times. Lesson learned: install as indicated, requiring hens to reach up a little to get the water.

  34. Robert Davis says:

    Re’d fountain in timely fashion. It’s the best thing since sliced bread… Chickens were using it in 10-15 minutes.Thank you so much. Bob

  35. Karen Ashenbrenner says:

    Hey, I wasn’t sure about this really working, but my chicks began using this the FIRST DAY! This contraption works, and has saved me hours of scrubbing water cans! Love it!

  36. Anne Anzil says:

    We were using a automatic bowl system before and it was a hassle to have to keep the bowl clean. Read about your system on a blog and decided to give it a try. Our chickens learned how to drink out of it on the first day! So much easier and cleaner! Thanks!

  37. L Bruder says:

    I purchased a Chicken Fountain to raise meat chickens. Works great! Helped cut my bird mortality rate from approx 10% to under 3%! Trained them out of the crate with a Brooder Bottle Cap. Chicks were then placed under the fountain & immediately took to it. Hint: I screwed my fountain to a piece of plywood & mounted that to two vertical 2×4’s (which I had marked at 1″ increments). Raised plywood to next higher mark as birds grew, confirmed that fountain was level & retightened. You will not be sorry in buying a chicken fountain.

  38. Rita Vigneau says:

    Checking out your product after reading about it from the Chicken Chick! Will be ordering if I don’t win the “Give Away”! Lol!!

  39. Allen says:

    Beautiful! I’m gonna order one as soon as I can to go along with my beautiful rustic chicken coop! My silkies will love it! Check em out Bless!

  40. I need advice on a heat tape, doesn’t it melt down the PVC pipe on your fountain??? The winters get down to below 0 degrees here……sometimes below 10 degrees……..will a heat tape keep the water from freezing at this low temperature ?????

    • PVC coated heat tape is designed for all types of piping. Its important that you use the proper on, not the one used for roofing…The correct tape will not harm the pipes but you do need our Heater Accessory Kit to make sure the heat gets to the tip of the drippers…

  41. Mark Snyder says:

    great idea! Can you put heat tape on them safely?

    • Yes Mark, as long as you use the PVC coated heat tape designed for plumbing applications it is okay to use on The Chicken Fountain™. This PVC coated heat tape can be purchased at any home improvements store. We make our units out of schedule 40 PVC made to withstand the heat from this type of tape. Do not use the roofing heat wire on the system. This heat wire is designed to prevent ice dams on gutters and should not be used in a plumbing application.

  42. Nannette C Flowers says:

    I herd about your fountains on the Chicken chick, I struggled to keep my 4 coops with unfrozen water last year. It went down to 9*. I’m looking forward to reading more about your products and getting a reply from your costumer svc. Thanks for having this product out there for us back yard farmers.

  43. Julie Lynch says:

    the Chicken Chick sent me and I am a chicken
    flock owner who would love a waterer.

  44. Robin says:

    The Chicken Chick sent me and I’m glad she did!
    Will definitely buy when I get my new coop
    Up and running!

  45. We found u thru 12 days of poultry. Would love to use the watere. Would make watering so much easier!!! :) hope to get one soon!!!

  46. Joyce Ower says:

    I found you through Backyard Poultry’s 12 Days of Poultry which has been a great introduction to products that I was previously unaware of, such as your Chicken Fountains.

  47. Nichole M Larson says:

    I purchased a chicken fountain for my flock a few months ago. Now that I’m brooding another little flock, I can’t imagine going back to an open water container! I have the brooder caps for the little guys, and they caught on very fast. This not only makes life easier for me, but it’s safer for the hens, the lil’ chicks….and now the baby ducks! Thank you!!!:)

  48. Lee Ann Lynn says:

    I love my fountain. I need two more though. I need the caps as well for my chicks. Thanks for an awesome product!

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