CoopTight™ – the “pet door” for your coop!


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Aids in the prevention of cold drafts

Allows movement of air for good ventilation

Reduces the infiltration of rain and snow

 Holds in heat in the winter

Lets sunlight in for a healthy environment

Helps prevent wild birds from spreading disease

Easy training (instructions included)

Simple installation

Interior or exterior mounting

 Adjustable length for a perfect fit

Non corrosive aluminum

Heavy duty replaceable weather strips

Our CP012 fits openings up to 12 inches wide, is 17” in length and can easily be trimmed with a kitchen scissors.  Each unit is built with industrial grade plastic strips and we give you 100% overlap to help block out the rain, snow and drafts, as well as hold in the heat. Our aluminum mounting hardware will last for years and needs no maintenance. Every unit is shipped fully assembled and ready to install on your coop door opening.

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  1. Debbie Dromgoole says:

    i would like more information, please.

  2. I am interested.Price please.
    Cynthia gipson

  3. Susan roadarmel says:

    Hi I’m very interested in the coop tight door but I could not find any prices. Please tell me how I can find them. Thank you

  4. stephenie says:

    When I click the link it takes me to the water , on that page I click the link to co-op tight and it brings me to this page, so can’t find prices

    • Sorry you are having difficulty Stephenie… The webpage our link brings you too is our companies page, The Chicken Fountain. Across the top of the page is a link called CoopTight™, there you will find more information concerning our product. In our online store the first image is the CoopTight™. The price for the CT012 (doors to 12 ” wide) is listed and if you click the Options box there are two more sizes listed with the prices. Right now as an introductory offer we are offering free shipping on the CoopTight™ product…Thanks

  5. Josephine says:

    So, it’s not a door, just the plastic to keep out drafts? You already have to have an automatic door?

  6. Candace says:

    I have also searched your entire site, and cannot find the price of the doors.

  7. Rebecca says:

    I installed mine this morning, piece of cake. I like his I can cut the strips to make a perfect fit. I put it in the door that leads from the sleeping area to the runs to try and keep it warmer. With my flat panel heater and this keeping out drafts my girls should be cozy through our crazy winter!

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