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Our Product – The Chicken Fountain™

I love having backyard chickens but hated the task of cleaning the water bowls and refilling them. Vacations were hard to plan because finding people that were available to keep the chickens watered was not easy. Summers were the worst because the chickens needed more water and the water in the dish would evaporated more quickly due to the heat. Not to mention how unhealthy it was for our dogs, goats and other farm animals to drink the water that was full of bird droppings! I set my mind to build a chicken fountain waterer system that was easy to install, provided a constant flow of clean water, and was completely maintenance free. I spent many nights in the barn working on this concept and, quite frankly, failed a number of times. Then it hit me! Why not just make a passive flow unit that could be hooked up to the garden hose? There wouldn’t be pressure regulators to fail, no start up high pressure, no manually refilling buckets…Just cool, clean water every time the chickens went to drink. I finally perfected the unit and felt so strongly about it that I wanted to make it available to every flock owner that hates cleaning the mess of dirty, unhealthy water dishes.

Automatic Poultry Watering Systems

Currently we have 3 types of chicken waterers in production: the “MINI” System will handle 2 to 6 birds; the “STANDARD” System will handle up to 4 to 16 birds; and the “MEGA” System will handle up to 45+ birds. Additionally, we can customize a unit to meet the needs of your flock. All of our units are a “semi-sealed, passive flow” design which means that the unit is not under any pressure. Water flows to the drip heads only when your chicken demands water. Our semi-sealed fountains make it a snap to add Wazine-17, apple cider vinegar or supplements to your flock’s water. Each unit is constructed of heavy duty schedule 40 PVC pipe and is fully tested prior to leaving our farm.

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Training your flock to utilize The Chicken Fountain is easy! Our chickens took to this system within 15 minutes of installing it, and I’ve used it from week old chicks to full grown roosters and hens. All you need is access to a garden hose and spigot. You can be up and running in just a few short minutes. We have included a full set of instructions explaining how to train your flock to use The Chicken Fountain. Different size or kinds birds are no problem. We will show you how to accommodate all of your birds with just one fountain.


Brooder Bottle Cap™


The Brooder Bottle Cap™ is our newest addition to our product line up. Recycle any old standard soda bottle (sorry no water bottles) into a waterer for you new chicks. Our caps will help you provide clean fresh water  as well as start your chicks on a dripper waterer earlier in life. Best of all your new chicks will have access to fresh clean water while prevent them from accidental drowning. The Brooder Bottle Cap™ also make a great addition to your isolation cage should you have a injured or sick bird.


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